Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting Out There

I've been looking at different ways to promote my work. I hope to let readers know it's out there and where they can find it. I reasearched online to find areas that I think might be possibilties. I've looked at reader and writer groups, review sites and such.

But I have it stuck in my head that having someone who has read it recommend it would be best. I used to work 3rd shift in major call center and I would mention what ever books I read that I thought the other girls would like. It not only gave something to talk about in down time, but it helped me to see what they were looking for too. So in essence it helped me when knowing where I wanted to take a story I was working on. Rambling I know so back to the thoughts roaming around in my cluttered mind.

First I'll go back to reviews. The Millionaire's Fake Fiancee has recieved good reviews and that's a start.

I've mentioned on a few groups blogs that it's out. A few fellow RomanceDivas have been kind enought to put it on their blogs too (thank you ladies).

I've also sent out bookmarks as well. And I'll be attending a few conference to learn more and try to get my name out there.

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